“Burst of Peonies” Watercolor Course for all skill levels


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Peonies are a delightful subject for learning to use a limited palette in watercolor to create a stunning botanical painting! In this course you will discover how to create depth, shape, colors, and textures. Working from a provided template and using successive glazing layers, the peonies will “burst” from the paper, bringing spring to life! When you purchase this course, written instructions will be sent to your email, along with reference and explanatory photos, a template and links to video instruction for each step. Work at your own pace. The painting could be completed in about four hours.

Materials to have on hand:

140 lb. watercolor paper, 10”x7” (Arches recommended)

#4 round watercolor brush that comes to a good point

Winsor Newton Watercolors: Winsor Yellow, Winsor Blue (Green Shade), & Permanent Rose

Sally’s Saral Graphite Transfer Paper

Other: paper towels, clean water for cleaning brush, Mr Clean Magic Eraser Original for cleaning up errors

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